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About Us.

Mutualis SRL (Mutualised Information Systems) was founded in 2008 to offer consulting services in the following fields:

  1. Management of IT Infrastructure & Security projects
  2. Web Hosting and Mutualised IT for SMBs
  3. Deployment and configuration of open source solutions
  4. Development of web and mobile applications 
  5. Infrastructure as Code provisioning and IT Services automation 
  6. Home and business IoT automation solutions
  7. Prototyping and 3D printing


Our Services

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Project Management

We lead your Infrastructure projects to success using agile or waterfall frameworks.

Web Hosting &
Mutualised IT

We develop and host your SEO compliant websites with security at heart.

We mutualise IT services for small enterprise that can’t afford an IT team.

App Development & Open Source

We create web and iOS/android applications tailored to your needs.

We integrate and support best of class open source software to boost your IT. 

Internet of Things

We design home automation solutions for home and businesses.

We engineer custom connected objects with ESP32 brains.

3D Printing

We print prototypes and functional parts in PETG in small quantities.


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Our Team

You get it, it’s basically just me đŸ˜‰ Means you know who you will work with.
Julien Coupard

Founder & CEO

Julien Coupard


Julien Coupard


Julien Coupard

Lead Developer


We believe in Open Source

Why pay when you can get IT for free!

Why pay software licences when you can get the service level you need with free solutions ? We guess because IT is not your business, that’s ours. We implement and support open source IT solutions for you to let you focus on your own business !

We believe open source when managed and supported properly is a model that can provide long term continuity, innovation and cost savings.


Why select us?

We use the 6 pillars of mutualisation success to deliver a better and secured IT to all our clients at fair costs.

Similar processes and infrastructure leads to better services and support.


Clients are still able to customise and innovate on the platform.

Operating model

We offer a clear and reusable ITIL aligned operating model.


Clear regulatory framework and liabilities are defined.


Neutral service provisions and growth that benefits to all.


Return on investment (ROI) for all.

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Our News

What’s going on with us.
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Our infrastructure stack

Here are some some of the technologies we use as foundation to deliver most of our services.


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Where to find us

Rue Champ Rodange 123, 1410 Waterloo, Belgium

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